Library Rules

First: Reading and browsing inside the library (internal reading):

The student chooses the book that suits him from the library shelves, he should read it inside the library, and the librarian assists the student to get the book he wants or to direct him to a group of books that meet his desires, and read the books that have selected

All students enrolled in the college in the current year, the students of other faculties at the university, are allowed to enter the library, as well as the visitors from outside the university are allowed to view and benefit from all library services after paying the prescribed fees in the faculty treasury or the general administration of university libraries

Second: Borrow

The borrower may borrow two books at a time provided that there is a copy in the library, the borrowing takes place over two days, the library is open to students from 8.30 AM until 2 PM

Students’ books and notes are not allowed there.