Welcome To Our Faculty

In 1976, the Prime Minister decided to establish the faculty of Arts in Qena, which starts departments of language (Arabic and English) within the academic year 1987/1977, then added other departments such as history, geography, Sociology, Philosophy, Islamic Archeology, Egyptian Archeology, Media, Psychology, oriental Languages, Islamic Studies, French Language and Libraries.


Faculty of Arts in Qena offers its educational services for graduate and post-graduate students, in addition researches in various fields as Humanities, Literature and Sociology, it primarily aims at:-

--> Preparing specialized leaders in different fields of Humanities, Sociology, Languages, Information, for supporting the community in these specializations.

--> Carrying out studies and researches in the fields of humanities and social sciences, linguistics and literature, in order to develop the community, solve problems and achieve progress.

--> Planning the future via participation in different social and educational activities, and urban planning in particular.