The vice president for the community services and environmental affairs

The sector reflects the university role in the community service and the environmental development. The sector supervises on the centers and the units of special nature and also the university establishments that present the services for the community and the surrounding environment.
In addition to that the sector organize symposiums and conferences, that aid to raise the level of the environmental culture, in addition to that the service convoys (medical, veterinary, awareness campaign…)for the direct interaction with the surrounding community.

The summery convoys of south valley university:

The south valley university convoys continued and included the cities and the countries of the governorates around the university and its branches under the auspices of Dr.Abbas Mansour, the president, and Dr.Youssif Gherbawy, The vice president for the environmental affairs .
The university convoys visited Luxor cities and countries to raise the agricultural and sportive awareness of Luxor residents between the university participation in the development projects for all south valley region residents, where the university organized a scientific convoy to Naga Elwehda ,Luxor, that included a symposium about the importance of the water resources and the latest used ways and methods in agriculture where many of the teaching staff lectured there.

The most important events in 2008

**The integrated convoys (medical-veterinary -afforestation):
-El kalaheen village convoy-Qeft (4/12/2008)
-El Awsat Kamola village convoy-Naqada (2/12/2008)
-El Heragiyya convoy-Quos (30/11/2008)
-The third scientific conference (the temporary environmental issues and the societal participation)
A sportive convoy to Red Sea.-
-South Valley University organizes a convoy of artistic creativity to Qena villages.
-South Valley University convoys to Luxor city and its villages.
-A scientific and agricultural convoy to South Valley University branch in Abo Tesht villages.
-A scientific convoys to South Valley University discuses the reduction of using the chemical fertilizer in Deshna villages.
-South Valley University convoys to Aswan.
-South Valley University medical convoys to Quos.
-An environmental symposium recommended instituting a consulting and agricultural services center in South Valley University.
-A great acceptance on the South Valley University medical convoys.
-South Valley University organizes a carnival of artistic creativity in Luxor villages.
-Various convoys of South Valley University to Naqada villages.