An Induction Seminar on EGYPT AWARD FOR GOV’T EXCELLENCE at South Valley University.

 Under the patronage of Prof. Dr Youssef Gharabay, the President of South Valley University, and Prof. Dr Ahmed Akawy, Vice-President for Post-Graduate and Research Affairs, South Valley University organized an induction seminar on the Egypt Government Excellence Award with the participation of Dr Karima Ramadan, Dr Mona Shahat, Dr Tariq El-Kashef, Dr Adel Mohamed Ahmed, Dr Mohamed Mahdy, college coordinators and affected task forces.

The President of the University confirmed that the induction seminar is part of the Technical Support Committee activities for the University’s Award of Government Excellence as part of the University’s preparations to launch its internal Award for Government Excellence and to participate in the effectiveness of the third copy of Egypt Government Excellence Award, A presentation has offered related to the Award’s objectives, its various themes and activities, the evaluation mechanisms and the University’s participation during the previous courses of the Award.

Prof. Dr Ahmed Akawy added that the seminar begins from19 to 20 in December, the first day has determined for the faculties task force, and the second day for the university administrative body.

The first day activities included a presentation of the most important criteria for the Distinguished Institution Award and the most important recommendations when completing the nomination form, the roles of faculties coordinators, work teams, and the various stages of the award.