The President of South Valley University witnesses the University’s International Day Celebration of Persons with Disabilities.

Under the auspices of Dr Nefin Al-Qabaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, Prof. Dr Youssef Gharabawy, President of South Valley University attended the University’s International Day Celebration of Persons with Disabilities, which was organized by the University, in the presence of Prof. Dr Ahmed Kamal Nassary, Vice- President of Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs, and Prof. Dr Badawy Shahat, Vice- President of Student and Educational Affairs.

The president of the university pointed out that the Higher Council of Universities gave great attention to people with special needs and decided last year on the right of people with special needs to enter any college according to their degrees.

During the ceremony, students from the Faculty of Specific Education and students with special needs, students from the Nour School for the Blind and the School of Intellectual Education presented the artistic performances.

In the closing of the ceremony, The Agricultural Bank honored Dr Youssef Gharbawy, Dr Ahmed Kamal Nassary, Dr Khalid Ben-Walid Abdel Fattah, Dean of the Faculty of Science, and Dr Hussein Abu Elmagd, director of the Special Needs Centre, On the other hand, students with special needs were honored by the University, the Agricultural Development Bank, the Orman Assembly, the Masr ElKheir Assembly and the Social Solidarity Unit for Special Needs.

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