The 3rd Conference of the Faculty of Physical Therapy at South Valley University recommends: raising the consciousness toward the importance of early detection and treatment of Muscular Dystrophy in Children.

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr Youssef Gharbay, President of South Valley University, the 3rd Conference of the Faculty of Physical Therapy has held entitled “The Advanced and Modern Methods of Prevention and Treatment in Physiotherapy” during the period 3-5 November, where issued several recommendations include raising the consciousness of the importance of early detection and treatment of Muscular Dystrophy in Children and focus on the role of physiotherapy in the treatment of Corona patients during the period of the disease and its aftermath.

Dr Adel Rashad, President of the Conference, stated that the Conference had recommended spreading the community awareness to prevent and early treatment of Arthritis and knee Roughness, applying modern methods and means within the profession by scientific evidence in treating patients, as well as the need to disseminate the idea of accreditation physical therapy centres to keep pace with the development of the medical insurance program.

Dr Mahmoud El-Shazly, Vice- Dean of the faculty, indicated that the Conference recommended activating the role of faculties of physical therapy in cooperation with the subsidiary unions to spread advancing education among graduates of the profession through workshops and scientific meetings, as well as spreading awareness among school and university students about the importance of observing the proper sitting position and correct posture to prevent deformities Backbones.

Dr Mohamed Sarhan, Vice- President of the Conference, added that one of the Conference recommendations is raising the sensitization toward the importance of the modern method of neurological diseases treatment, which support and sensitize students to the value of scientific research and participate in an efficient presentation at Conferences
During the Conference, 30 research papers, 40 scientific lectures, and10 workshops had discussed, the number of participating scholars were 250 scholars and 400 students.