University Hospitals Reassure Egyptians, Reveal Capabilities to Confront Coronavirus

In the light of the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the most countries of the world, university hospitals in Egypt have announced the state of emergency and high preparedness to confront this virus.

The deadly virus threatens the lives of millions across the planet. It becomes necessary for the state institutions to join hands to face this crisis. What are the capabilities of university hospitals to cope with the Coronavirus?

Those capacities are as the following:

  • 35825 Beds in total.
  • 3959 Intensive care beds
  • 431 Beds in intensive care for children.
  • 3754 Ventilators.
  • 838 Nurseries.

The total manpower in university hospitals, to counter the Coronavirus:

  • 1524 Specialists in anesthesia and intensive care.
  • 460 Specialists in chest diseases specialty.
  • 401 Specialists in endemic diseases.
  • 846 Specialists in analyzes.
  • 768 Specialists in diagnostic radiology specialties.

The total number of doctors: 3999 doctors.