University Hospitals Open a Donation Account (111111) to Improve Healthcare

The number of university hospitals reaches 113 hospitals, including 35 thousand beds and serving 21 million patients annually. But the question is: What do university hospitals accomplish annually?

  • 3 million emergencies.
  • 5 million surgeries.
  • 70,000 cancer patients being treated.
  • 60 thousand heart operations.
  • 30 thousand eye surgeries.
  • 11,000 neurosurgeries.
  • 7,000 orthopedics surgeries.
  • 1000 cochlear implants.
  • 500 liver and kidney transplants.

Despite all of this, still the university hospitals need to join hands and help them in order to continue to provide their services.

For this, The National Bank of Egypt (NBE) opened a donation account to support Egypt’s doctors and nurses who are fighting coronavirus pandemic. The account, opened in coordination with the Higher Education Ministry, is dedicated to assist university hospitals and Egypt’s Army of White who are playing a pivotal role to curb the outbreak of the virus.

The bank urged Egyptians to send their donations within the coming two critical weeks to boost the potentials of the university hospitals in the face of the virus. Citizens can donate through account 111111 at any branch of the bank or electronically through the bank’s call center, mobile banking application or Ahly net.