Various programs for the University ceremonies of Sinai Liberation Day on April month

Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university  president  confirmed that in the framework of the Egypt ceremonies  of Sinai liberation, it was decided to start the ceremonies  during the month of April , and added that the ceremonies  was begun  today and the program includes  holding  sports tournament  in all games for the students of  faculties  ,  holding a festival of student  families on April 12, 2014  , also cultural  symposiums  and computer  , artistic  festival of music and choir on the  Sinai celebrations on April 16, 2014  ,  scientific competition of Sinai on  April  10, 2014 ,  public service project  in front of the conference halls  on April 12,2014 ,  then  at the end of the festival  holding Carnival from all faculties will be  begun  from the new central building through all faculties  and then to the conference hall  for   holding   small  art ceremony for  travelling  to Sinai on April 21,2014 in order  to participate in the of the liberation of Sinai ceremonies in collaboration with the Sports Federation of Egyptian universities , while  Mr.  Metawa  Fekry , Director of youth care administration  added that youth care supervises on the  tournament  which is  held in the Olympic village and   prepared to implement all of the programs under the auspices of  Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president