Opening of 1st Dom Festival for Storytelling Art at the University

In the framework of work plan diploma of (SOLEDA) project Dr. Mahmoud Sayed Abd Al- Sadek, project coordinator at the university participates in scientific symposium which will be held on Wednesday, March 26, 2013 at the Egyptian Cultural Center in Athens , where he will deliver a lecture on the cooperation between South Valley University and European Union projects.
As the project coordinator confirmed that the lecture will discuss the areas of cooperation between the University and European Union projects such as the grants for researchers through various programs and the projects funded by TEMPUS where the university is an essential partner with the Egyptian and European universities, in order to transfer the modern technologies to the university for using in various fields such as solar energy applications and nanotechnology applications, under the auspices the university president by the effective participation in the European Union projects with participation of team work members of project Mr. Abd Al- Razek Abd Al-Naim , assistant lecturer and Mr. Mustafa Saad demonstrator at Faculty of Science as well as a delegation from the Universities of Cairo and Fayoum.