The Third Employment Fair

Dear Participants and Guests

It is my pleasure welcoming you all at South Valley University to join us at our first employment fair held by the university career development center. Our career center supports South Valley University students and graduates in achieving their career aspirations through providing them with the appropriate resources, trainings and career guidance. One of the great things about working at a university is to know that we are part of something larger than our individual task. This event is one of the evidences that represent the integration between the university and the surrounding community. Definitely each of you makes a special contribution to this event. I do appreciate the commitment you have towards our university supporting employment, training, internships, scholarships, and career services. Together we share a common vision to make South Valley University the best represented in its graduates. I am glad that you are with us on the same track in order to achieve the goals of our university, and I thank you all for what you offer to develop our students and graduates, and for giving them the opportunity to be recruited. I am sure that our career center will continue supporting our students and graduates via its valuable and efficient programs and services. I hope you enjoy visiting our university and wish you a wonderful and productive fair. Thank you again for joining our first employment fair.


Prof. Abbas Mansour

South Valley University

Dear Participants

I would like to welcome all visiting organizations, alumni and students for attending our first employment fair at South Valley University Career Development Center (CDC). This fair represents a success story of our center where it provides an opportunity for students to meet a wide range of companies local, national and international. There is something for everyone: jobs, work experience, internships, and postgraduate study. Regardless of whether you are beginning to consider what you want from your career or want to seek a job, work experience or volunteering, this event is for you. The main objective of the career center is to connect our students and graduates with work opportunities in various fields. It provides services that support them in their process of planning, and achieving career goals. It opens eyes on how to use a strategic approach in planning for a career path. In addition, it helps students and graduates learn how to gain experiences that will help them search for jobs. I would like to thank our volunteers for their continuous help and support. They teach us the meaning of giving and show us how teamwork always wins. I also would like to thank our CDC team of talented and dedicated professionals who help students and graduates reach their goals. I encourage our students and graduates to approach employers or their representatives. They are here to meet you. Talk to as many people as you can and be confident with your questions. They might be your future employers! Again, it is a pleasure to see you all and I look forward to continuing this relationship.


Dr. Mohamed Omran

Career Development Center

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