The Third Employment Fair

Career Develoment Center

There is a job waiting for each graduate of South Valley University.

About the Event

The Employment Fair is a one-day recruiting event that provides a forum for cultivating and developing productive relationships between graduates and the corporate world. It aims at integrating employers’ recruiting needs with the skills and qualifications of graduates. The Fair gives participating companies an opportunity to build their image on campus among a qualified pool of students and alumni. Companies registered in the Fair are assigned booth in the campus. As a guide for graduates seeking employment, the Career Center publishes an Employment Fair booklet which provides relevant information on the participating companies and the vacant positions. Corporate representatives are also encouraged to bring an ample supply of corporate material, such as brochures, annual reports, and application forms to be distributed to candidates. Interested students and alumni apply in person to company representatives at the Fair or as otherwise indicated in the Employment Fair booklet.

For the first time, the Career Development Center (CDC) at South Valley University (SVU) holds its Employment fair on April 8,2017. This is a unique opportunity for gathering a large number of entities who are interested in the employability area including companies, factories, business men and NGOs.The Career Center is a very effective connection tool that ties the university to the surrounding society and serves a large number of students and graduates to help them find their ways to a successful career future. It also incubates ideas of projects and connects them with investors. Thus, CDC prepares graduates for success and sustainability in the job market through various training and development programs In addition, the CDC encourages students and graduates to engage in the voluntary work. Despite of its young age, the CDC has more than 35 volunteers who serve the center in its various activities. The center proved its role in helping graduates to find their jobs after completing the training programs. Your participation in this event will have positive feedback on graduates and job seekers. Contributors will have a unique opportunity to exhibit their programs, products and roles in the field of employability

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