President’s speech

Professor Dr. Abbas M. Mansour
The President of South Valley University


The university is seeking for development in work so many important centers and special units were established such as Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit, Strategic Planning Unit, Assessment Centers and Career Development Center. It also established several training centers for students, the academic staff and the outside community and took the initiative in drawing its strategic plan with the participation of all stakeholders inside and outside the university to achieve its stated mission to be a positive indicator of the development of strategic thinking and governing policies at South Valley University.

The university trend towards strategic planning stemmed from its benefits of authenticating problems, maximizing the university's ability to focus on the past, present and future, improving services and programs, communicating with stakeholders and partners effectively, measuring the performance continuously in the light of specific criteria, assessing the current organizational structure, highlighting the university ability to anticipate some of issues that can happen in the internal or external environment, Preparing individuals for high administrative levels, setting the appropriate priorities to deal with the main issues and increasing degree of creativity among the leadership of the university. It took into account the diversity or multiplicity of its strategies as strategies for students, management, scientific research and community service to build its future instead of waiting for it.

The university implemented several strategies including the establishment of Aswan University that was a branch of it until June 2012 and started great steps into establishing other universities of its branches in Luxor and Hurghada.


And upon Allah rests the showing of the right way


Prof. Dr. Abbas M. M. Mansour
South Valley University 2012/2013
September 2012.